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Hi all,

Recently someone backed into my 06 Cayman and did some damage to the aftermarket front bumper:
Cayman_S_bumper_damage_far.jpg Cayman_S_bumper_damage_closeup.jpg

I purchased the car with this bumper already on it and have no documentation with it, but based on how it looks, I believe it to be a "GT Style" bumper from NR Auto (retails from them for about $1800):

I neither love nor hate this bumper, but the body shop is saying that the fastest, cheapest option is to have a fiberglass specialist fix the damaged bumper and repaint it. I investigated the possibility of going back to stock (OEM bumper cover, brackets, grills, fogs, washers, etc), but the body shop is quoting around $4100 to go back to stock (of which my insurance will only kick in $1500).

So the question to the community here is what would you do, or what would you recommend? Do folks think there is increased risk in fixing this type of bumper (e.g. failure of the fix, paint problems, other side-effects from the collision, etc)? Or do you think I should spend $2500+ out of pocket for OEM quality, peace of mind, and potentially easier/better future resale value?

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