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Flood damaged water 2006 Porsche Cayman S 987.1 tiptronic not starting

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Hi guys,

I bought a cayman s 987.1 auto tiptronic a while ago. It had its windows left open and the rain soaked most of the interior and carpets etc.

On collection of the vehicle I was told the car has been parked up for 4 years. The previous owner was told that the fuel pump needed replacing. I didn’t hear it prime and also took it to Porsche for an inspection and this was their first step. I ordered the fuel pump and replaced it. No start.

Replaced the rear body module under the drivers seat (LHD) and also the radio under the passenger seat.

Motors for the electric seats have been changed from the boxster s.

Replaced computer in the front trunk with blue and white clips.

Replaced the 2 computers in the dash which are located to the right and left of the steering column.

The fuel was reaching the fuel rail but injectors are not being given instructions to inject fuel.

I was then advised to check the immobiliser because the car would crank but not start. I changed the whole immobiliser kit which I removed from a boxster S 987.1 auto which I have as a donor car.

The mechanic who is working on the car says that he programmed it to work but no joy. He suggested changing the starter motor but still nothing.

I am being advised to change the wiring harness to the chassis because he smells burning when trying to start the car. He said there may be a short circuit under the carpet and has asked me to bring the wiring harness from the chassis of the boxster donor car.

I am clearly not a mechanic, just a petrolhead with a dream of hearing this car run!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have searched forums for ages trying to find a potential solution.

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Welcome to Planet-9, the Friendly Porsche Forum..

I would hope in your search for information you found that the modules have to be coded to each other, and some are coded to the VIN# and cannot be recoded to a new VIN# (the immobilizer in particular - what good would it be as an anti-theft device if plugging a different one in allowed the car to start.)

That would be my WAG - and that's all it is - a WAG. To replace something like an immobilizer - the mechanic is expected to extract information from the old module and then write it to a new module. As far as I know - once written to - an immobilizer can't be overwritten (meaning used ones are pretty much useless.) The keys also must be registered with the immobilizer.

When the immobilizer thinks the car has been stolen, it allows the starter to crank but doesn't turn on the ignition, which sounds like what you're experiencing.

Does the mechanic you're using have a PIWIS (the official Porsche diagnostics tool)? Without it - he'll be troubleshooting by replacing parts. Unfortunately, this has a low chance of success in this case and can become extraordinarily expensive. Having adequate diagnostics could well lead to a much quicker and less costly solution than the guesswork and grasping for straws the mechanic is now doing.
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That’s a lot to digest… have you removed all the previously soak chit? Battery holding a charge?
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