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Just an FYI that we've increased the prizes available in our first annual NCAA March Madness college basketball bracket challenge.

Here is a list of current prizes:
1) Planet 9 items
2) Mantis Racing Underdrive Pulley
3) Hoen is providing a set of read license plate dLED lights
4) Detailbest is providing either Zymol Creme or Zymol Carbon wax
5) Pacific Western Performance is providing a $250 gift certificate towards either a Brembo brake kit or a set of Fikse wheels
6) TPC Racing is providing a tbd item, should have more info shortly
7) Speedsport Tuning is providing 10 quarts of oil and a filter
8) Car Care products from Detailers Domain
9) License Plate bracket from Mower Axle
10) more on the way!

Want to win some of this free stuff? It's easy, simply follow the directions in this topic:

Get your picks in before noon on Thursday and you are eligible to win prizes. You'll note that we have several prizes so you don't have to win the whole challenge to get a prize, we'll be awarding them along the way and there are chances to win multiple prizes.

It's FREE to play, takes about 5 minutes of your time and could land you some cool stuff!
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