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I'm listening to the speakers at the SAA Outlook conference and one of the speakers, John Casesa, from Casesa Shapiro Group mentioned that there is a demand for "clean cars" which is fueling new technologies such as those seen in Electric Vehicles (EVs). But the volume of EV's is predicted to be less than 1 percent in the near term. With an anticipated price of $40K, the Chevy Volt's price may decrease the number of potential buyers. Meanwhile, the lack of supporting infrastructure for EVs may also scare off potential buyers.

The Detroit Auto Show is said to be all about electric vehicles, and EVs represent an exciting revolutionary way to create clean cars, but is there volume to support the new EV technology expenses? Bob Lutz (a speaker at tonight's SAA conference) said the Volt has future sales potential of 50-60,000 units a year, and serves as a symbol of the new GM. The Volt technology will work its way into future GM models, but will the volume of these vehicles be enough to push EV sales past 1 percent?

Posted by Margaret Zewatsky, Global Market Analyst, Polk (01.10.2009)

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