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Hi all,

Been on this forum for a while, time to let the Cayman S go. Car has 75k Miles. Asking $34,000

Car is fully maintained with all service and maintenance is up to date. Spark plugs, water pump, fluids all recently done within the past 1200 miles. Enthusiast owned. Exceptionally clean car. Carfax is available upon request. Super fun car on the street and ready for the track.

Additional photos can be found here:

This car is fast and handles beautifully with the mods, which include:
Suspension/ brakes

*Bilstein PSS9s with Tarett uprated springs
*Full set of BBI control arms and links including:
-GT3 Cup Split Lower Control Arms
-RSR style Thrust Arms (Tension Rods) Front & Rear
-Rear Bump Adjustable Toe Link with Locking Plates
-Front Bump Adjustable Tie Rod
-Adjustable Front & Rear Adjustable Sway Bars.
-Tarett Adjustable Front & Rear Drop Links
-GT3 master cylinder and stainless brake lines.
-Fabspeed Sport Headers
-Fabspeed Maxflo Exhaust System
-FVD deep sump oil pan
-Porsche Motorsport Air Oil Separator
-IPD Intake Plenum with 82mm GT3 throttle body
-BMC High Flow Lifetime Air filter
-FVD ECU tune, including tuner box

Please let me know if you have any questions. Best way to reach me is through email: chasen1211 at
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Wow nice car and what a great deal! Out of curiosity where are you located? The reason I ask is because you easily passed smog. I'm from Cali and doubt I'd pass with those mods.

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All the monitor readiness was good. No tricks or anything. 200 cell cats usually don't have any issues with smog equipment.
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