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Don't miss out on this great opportunity for the highest quality Dectane / Depo 987.1 LED's. We are selling them at $ 507 a pair. That is 25 % off of our current retail price!! The sale will end on April 1st.

Please be aware that all LED's are not created equal, just because they are from one manufacturer or another does not always indicate that they are the same spec. Several versions of these lights are on the market. We unfortunately, learned this the hard way with the 997.1 rear LED's. Since that time all of our LED's are purchased in Europe from Dectane and are spec'd as E4 certified (European ECE Regulation). The mark of E4 inside the circle means that these lights will pass German TUV regulations. The test-and-approval labs in Germany have reputations for being much more strict, so in the end you get a higher quality product. Please keep this in mind when doing your research on the LED's.

Currently we have a few sets in stock and several more on the way.

To purchase simply pm me your details (full name, address (bill to and ship to if necessary), phone #). Once I set you up in the system I can either send you a pay pal request or call you for credit card information. Let me know what is better for you.

Here is a link to our website for more information on them....



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