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Our latest exhaust offering for the Panamera Turbo just arrived from Germany and is ready to ship. The FVD Brombacher sports muffler includes valves for a true Jekyll and Hyde experience.

FVD sport muffler with valves facts:

- 10 crank hp & + 9 crank torque
- 3" tubing (70mm) straight through design for max. power
- Valve controlled muffler (incorporates seamlessly with the OEM valve system)
- 11 lb. weight savings.
- T 316 stainless steel for improved durability over T 304
- 4 x 3.25"(80mm) round tips sold separately (stock tips can also be reused)
- Modular design with heavy duty clamps to prevent exhaust leaks
- Made in Germany
- Intoxicating growl at idle, partial throttle and wide open throttle
- No DME programming necessary.
- Absolutely NO DRONE in the cabin.
- Can be used in conjunction with our sport cats (BES 970 022 40S) and / or our primary muffler (BES 970 030 40S) and our tips (BES 970 060 40S) for more power and sound.

Brombacher exhausts are engineered for the discerning Porsche owner and offer unmatched performance, unparalleled quality, and incredible value. These high tech German manufactured systems are tested comprehensively for flow characteristics, flow rate, thermal stress, cracking, and longevity. The end result exhibits a strong, linear, firing-order dominated Porsche sound. High quality inner packing and outer shell design also dampens and eliminates unwanted frequencies to ensure that there is no resonance or drone in the cabin. Each of our exhaust systems have been extensively tested on both a chassis and engine dyno as well as logged thousands of miles on both the street and at the track. All of this research, development and testing ensures maximum horsepower gains throughout a broad power band, while maintaining reasonable sound levels for street use.

Retails for $ 3,742.00

*Special Introductory Price: $ 3,367.00

FVD Brombacher 3.25” Tips are also available

- 4 x 3.25” round tips (80mm)
- T 316 stainless steel for improved durability over T 304
- Made in Germany

Retails for $ 690.00

*Special Introductory Price: $ 621.00

* This offer is only intended for North and South American customers.

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