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by: K-Man S

Description: I recently discovered that when the XK-140 belonging to my father is licensed and returns to our house for storage that I likely wouldn't have any place to put it. I started researching lifts, not only to work on our cars, but also to store the Jaguar in our garage. My research uncovered that our garage ceiling and clearance was high enough for a lift and 2 cars, but there was a problem with our garage door. Both the door itself and the opener would hit any car parked on the top of the lift, I needed more clearance. I talked to some of the lift companies as well as friends who had lifts and nearly everyone agreed that I needed to add another section to my garage door and get the tracks up higher to provide the needed clearance.I called a couple of different garage door companies in the yellow pages and got a couple of estimates ranging from $500-600 on the low end for adding just a new section and track, to several thousand for a completely different style door and motorized mechanism. I chose a vendor that quoted $698 complete including all track, hardware, extra door piece, and changing the springs to the coil style including all labor and clean-up.Here is a picture of the door before the operation began. The whole process took a team of two men about 2 hours to complete.
As you can see, there is plenty of space above the door before you get to the rafter but the door simply doesn't raise up high enough and of course the opener is in the way. The first step was to disconnect the old track while laying out the hardware for the new track. The new track had more supports and was a thicker gauge metal overall, I don't know the exact difference but it was certainly sturdier.
More shots of the track here: the final original track pieces came down, there still had to be a way to keep the door standing up.
What the team did was to use nails to literally keep the door up against the framing while they could work on assembling the new tracks.
Next came hanging the new track pieces, basically fitting them to the existing door then mounting to the framing of the house.
The springs that were used to raise the old door were not the type for the door with an extra panel (both heavier and higher), instead a new coil wound spring was to be installed.
Finally, an extra panel (approx 22" high) was added to the top of the existing door, then the garage door opener re-hung to attach to the new top panel. In all, I now had somewhere close to 108-109" of clearance, more than enough needed for a lift with a car on the top and another underneath.
I hope you enjoyed this preliminary work and if you are thinking about getting a lift of your own you may have to do something similar to your own garage door for enough clearance.Speaking of lifts, we are currently negotiating a group buy with a top-notch lift company. If you think you might be interested in getting a lift please reply in the topic thread or poll. tuned for a lift install very soon!

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