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So at 512miles in to my new GTS I get a sudden loss of power and a warning light telling me the 'gearbox has failed' car limps along selecting just the odd number gears and I'm thinking this could be a courtesy car over Christmas...

I get home switch the engine off and restart it; the fault clears.

Drove to the office today and all was good, I called the tech at my local PCD who said if its running fine it was probably a rogue event though if I was worried I should run in into them for a check over.

I've seen a few threads on similar spurious warnings some never return and some are tracked back to a mech issue I'm hoping mine was a one off...

I'll post some pics when I manage to get the car clean and see some good weather (both of which are rare in the UK winter). the External GTS gloss black paint on a white car looks truly stunning. I'm loving my new croc, its a very different experience to my 987 but thats more because I went from a base 987 to a 981 GTS
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