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A few things I noticed about the gen II.

1. New Power window switches.
2. More sound damping foam, stuffed in voids around engine bay.
3. Revised underbody paneling
4. Thicker rubber isolation for coil spring suspension
5. More ridgid bumper material
6. More heat shielding for engine & components
7. Lower rear tire pressure (for the 2.9L)
8. Softer seat foam & leather
9. Seat belt stay clips were added (why I have no clue)

More blah blah blah, read of only if you can handle opinion.

After picking up my 07 and dropping off the 09 (loaner), I feel that the 07 has a raw feel compaired to the lux feel of the 09. If you want more luxury feel get the gen II car, if you are into the sport of driver awareness get the gen I.

Almost feels more (dare :eek: say) GT3 vs 911 C2, were my thoughts as I put the first few miles on my gen I after spending over an hour getting to the dealership in the gen II. First corner I took at speed in the gen I made me happy to have it. The constant communication and grip of each tire can be felt as the car rotated with throttle on my gen I. Never felt that with the gen II, and believe me I drove it like a loaner car should be driven :dance:

Speculation for future Cayman...dumb down the next few years of cars, luxury as all get out! Give them (look @ me in my Porsche) what they want. Ipod, cooled seating, chilled console cup holders that will acccept the bucket of soda, hill assist, parking assist, blue tooth, PSM that learns if you are a NUT and refuses to give up. Then release the 2012 Cayman RS!

Ok ok I'm sorry! :hilarious:
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