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I've seen a few threads about this with Gen I cars, but nothing on Gen II so I am wondering if it is any easier/different. Recently purchased a 987.2 Boxster with standard (non-xenon) lights (doh!). A few questions hoping someone could help answer:

First about the bumper lights, can I directly swap my halogen fog lamps for the LED running lights from bi-xenon equipped 987.2 models?

About the headlights, mine have hazing/yellowing, and aesthetically I prefer the dual projectors and whiter/blueish light of the xenons vs. the yellow halogen. So this would be more for aesthetics and a little bit about function.

If I try to swap the bi-xenon headlight assembles to my halogen equipped car, would it work at all?

I don't care much about headlight washers or motorized cornering lights. mainly would the high and low beams properly work, or is the wiring too different? Comparing photos online I see that the sockets are the same, but Bi-Xenon headlight housing sockets have many more electrical pins.

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