Good Tires are One of the Most Important Parts of Your Car

It’s true – tires aren’t necessarily the most interesting of purchases for one’s vehicle. Compared to forking out cash for obvious upgrades like a banging audio system in your hot hatch or a new winch for your off-roader, fresh tires don’t rank too high on the financial Top 40 in the eyes of many drivers.

But they should. After all, the only parts a vehicle which actually touch the road are those four fist-sized patches of rubber. Those technologically advanced (and expensive) safety features like autonomous emergency braking and lane keeping won’t work to their full potential if the rubber’s contact patch is balder than Captain Picard.

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What Goes into Your Tires?

Even if ample tread is present, there’s a case to be made that some budget-priced tires simply don’t have the proper compounds in their rubber to provide adequate traction – or at least the levels of traction provided by major tire makers like Yokohama. That brand’s Advan Sport A/S+ product, for example, is an attractive mix of performance-minded characteristics while leaving room for a healthy amount of grip when Old Man Winter shows up unexpectedly.

A wavy sipe design plays well with serpentine and straight tread grooves, allowing for a tire pattern which delivers exceptional braking in wet and cold conditions for a dependable all-season grip. This type of block style creates an optimized contact patch, one which equally distributes pressure in order to promote long, even wear characteristics.

What You Need to Know

What’s that? You fell asleep in tire class? Alright, fine; we’ll spell out a couple of terms from the previous paragraph. Sipes are those hair-like grooves molded into some tread blocks of the Yokohama Advan Sport A/S+. When pressed into the pavement, they open slightly – like the flap of an envelope – to expose even more rubber surface with which to grip the road. This helps explain why an all-season tire like the Advan Sport A/S+ is capable of providing traction even in tough conditions. Contact patch, on the other hand, refers to the area of rubber which is in direct contact with the pavement at any given time while driving.

Yokohama has plowed a significant amount of research and development into this tire, creating a new all-season compound which can handle many different types of weather and road conditions. Its asymmetrical tread design – which means the tires are not directional and can be installed on either side of your vehicle without concern – includes a shoulder pattern which is specially engineered to keep a lid on road noise while also providing stability and lateral grip. The term ‘shoulder pattern’ refers to tread blocks located on the outermost edges of the tread (its shoulders, geddit?) and it may interest our readers to learn this area of tire design plays a significant role in how a tire behaves.


If one looks closely at the tread blocks on the shoulder of a Yokohama Advan Sport A/S+, they’ll find grooves which are slightly curved instead of dead straight. This feature does two important tasks. First, the curved grooves hamper the transmission of road noise – without a clear path though which to escape, road noise is instead deflected into your car’s wheel well instead of outside vehicle body where it will be more likely to reach the driver’s ear. Second, a non-rectangular shoulder tread block is slightly more rigid than one which has completely straight edges. This allows for less deformation during hard cornering maneuvers, helping to eliminate that so-called ‘squishy’ feeling provided by some tires. That’s of no small concern to drivers who are expecting high-performance characteristics from an all-season tire. This durable trait, combines with the pressure-equalizing contact patch mentioned earlier, is part of the reason this rubber hoop is offered with a 90,000 km (55,000 mi) limited treadwear warranty.


One Tire Fits Almost All

With the engineering and production might of a leading company like Yokohama, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn the Advan Sport A/S+ is available in a total of 58 sizes, ranging from 16-inch diameters for compact cars to jumbo 21-inchers found on sporty SUVs. The crew at are able to source the correct size for your vehicle without jumping through the hoops of needless ads. Makes it Easy

In fact, provides an easy-to-use platform in which customers can learn more about the tires they wish to purchase and red reviews from thousands of real-world customers. By taking the guesswork out of tire buying, seeks to make the purchasing process quick and simple. You can even choose to have your new tires shipped right to a pre-certified service center, or an at-home delivery can be arranged as well. With this level of service, plus all-inclusive pricing, truly brings consumers through the tire buying process from Step One to Step Done.
Suddenly, buying tires ranks them up there with audio systems and off-road gear, eh? Be sure to check out the website for great deals on Yokohama Advan Sport A/S+ tires.

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