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Hi Guys

When i got my CS it already had the Chrono package installed and the Porsche Sports Exhaust. I still have the reciept from Porsche Hatfield here in the UK. The guy paid 2k for it just couple of months ago so its fairly new. However i am looking to either get a Remus or Borla in addition to an IPD Plenum and Throttle body with Softronic Software. So here is my questions:

1- Any of the UK guys on the forum know of any good garages i cant trust to hand my CS to and get a good clean job done? I think ill be ok installing the Plenum but not sure with the exhaust as i dont have any lifts.

2- Do you recon i can sell the Porsche Sports Exhaust? Since it costs a lot of money i dont want to get the Borla or Remus and dump this one in my garage.

3- When having the ECU tuned does it matter that i have the Chrono packahe installed or the PSE or not? Is this something i should tell Scot at Softronic about?

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