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It started a few weeks ago, when Ken was asking if anyone on the board could cover the press launches (focusing on the Porsche launch of course) at the upcoming Geneva auto salon in Switzerland in early March 2015. Since I was planning on traveling in early March for a family event back to Switzerland anyway, I offered my "services" assuming I would get a GT4 out of it :hilarious:. Just kidding... assuming I can get a press pass.

After some emails and sending the nice lady of the press office in Geneva some screen shots of my blog, I got a so called "laissez-passer" card as Planet-9 representative for the press day on March 4th and the opening day on March 5th. Unfortunately, this means I will miss the official press time of the interesting manufacturers such as Porsche, Ruf etc, which are all scheduled on March 3rd. But hey, I have to start somewhere ;).

At the moment I am starting to prep both my trip and what I will do and bring. This is the first time I am doing more than taking pictures and write stuff up, so I will see how well the video taping and recording and me speaking and broadcasting will work :).

Today's announcement that Porsche will officially unveil the new Cayman GT4 in Geneva is of course especially exciting, both for us here on Planet-9 as well as me personally, since I have this feeling I may soon add a coupe to the roadster - maybe in racing yellow again.

I will continue to blog here and keep you updated here and through several other channels. You can start by signing up here at Planet-9 and add your questions to this thread or leave them in the comments below.

Also feel free to follow me on twitter (@Mike981S) and I hope to post some videos on my youtube channel Mike981S.

And no, I am not planning to become another Shmee ;). I am not that good. But I would not mind walking into some people like Chris Harris or Guido or one of the evo guys.

And in case you wonder what the GT4 is, I refer you to the linked thread above and include this evo video and Porsche commercial for you to drool over

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