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At Gloss-it two words we live by are simple and perfection. Our Gloss-it Gloss Enhancer detail spray fits those ideas like a glove. Not only does it clean and restore depth and clarity of your paint and wax but it also blows away any other glass cleaning product on the market. Need to wipe down your expensive chrome or painted wheels? Not a problem either! Because it's safe for absolutely any finish conceived by man you can feel confident knowing that no matter what wheels you put on your ride our Gloss Enhancer will give them an amazing shine after a quick wipe down. Microfiber towels of course give you the safest and softest surface to work with. If your wheels are heavily coated with brake dust or road grime of course you'd want to go with our Signature Wheel Gel - it's the Hulk of the wheel cleaning world.

Best part is no matter what the temperature, time of day, sunlight, humidity, type of vehicle you can spray our Gloss Enhancer on the vehicle, let it completely dry, and wipe it down. No residue, no staining, no need to polish it off!

It also doubles as your clay bar lubricant!

Gloss-it 22oz Gloss Enhancer

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