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We have been working with international exhaust manufactures and retailers as an OEM manufacturer for several years.
“GO-Sheng” is our brand new brand since 2014.The characteristics of GOS system are base on our several years of experience on OEM products.
We transforming vehicles and giving them a new sense of purpose. This Porsche 970 Panamera, for instance, got the GOS F1 exhaust&intake system installed. Full stainless steel valvetronic exhaust system providing an Ironman-esque boost to the vehicle's performance. Smoother and increased expulsion of exhaust fumes accelerate the cycle, pushing hp and torque way up. Unobstructed flow and the pinging off the stainless steel create a full and sporty sound, that'll have people turn their heads and gasping.
Stainless Steel System: SUS304 Stainless Steel | Flawless TIG Weld | Durability Unquestioned | Lighter Than Stock | Deep/Full Exhaust Note

Valves Opened (Race Mode): Improved Low Level Tone | Amplified Mid-Range Note | Increased High Pitch Acoustic | Sharper/Crisper Sound | Noticeable BHP Gain | Low&Mid Range Torque Upgrade | Responsiveness of Throttle | Improved Efficiency | Unobstructed Exhaust Flow
Valves Closed (Street Mode): Maintain Low Profile | Everyday Driving

Official website:GOS_F1_Exhaust - Home
Email:[email protected]

We are considering expanding our products to new markets
and we would appreciate you assistance.
We can explore the possibility of establishing a
mutually acceptable business relationship.
Contact us for further details.

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