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You remember everything Pete!

We booked through GP Tours. It's a bit of a pricey way to go but it includes some cool events. (We also flew in to Montreal as opposed to driving up)

Grand Prix Tours | Canadian Grand Prix Tours Packages Hotels and Tickets

For one of the events we had Mark Weber as a guest speaker and for the other, we had Jackie Stewart.

Note that package prices don't include the tickets. They are sold seperately during the booking process. But ticket prices do include Friday practice, Saturday qualifying and of course race day. We sat in Silver 11. GP Tours allocation in this section seems to be sold out already but it is a good location. You can see the cars coming down the front straight, going through turns 1,2,3 and also the pit exit. I think the hairpin grandstand is popular too. You get to see the cars braking from 200 mph down to 60 mph and it's one of the overtaking sections. I'm not a big fan of sitting on a straight for a race like this. The cars are going too fast to make out who is who with limited visibility.

On the more economical side, I met a guy whos drives up with some friends and stays in a dorm room that the university rents out during race weekend. Not sure where he gets his tickets..

It's a fun weekend. St Catherine Street in Old Montreal is the place to be at night.

I highly recommend going to an F1 race. The cars are incredible to watch and sound awsome!
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