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Hi all,
I just bought a GT2 with 6000 miles but has not been well taken care off by the PO. It got the GT2RS OEM bodykit upgrade but the led tail light is not well sorted, I wanted to return everything back to stock but PO sold the original bumper and taillight to his friend so I am going to stick with what I have until I save up enough to buy a new bumper and taillight. The turn signal dash indicators are blinking fast and the tail turn signal sometimes work normally, sometimes intermittent/fast random blink and sometimes just doesn't work at all, really dangerous to drive with the problem.

I have a PIWIS and want to DIY the fix. I have read in several forums that you need to swap pin 42-31 on the rear control module (I haven't touch the front module), the problem is, although my rear control module have exactly the same part number as mentioned in the numerous posts (997.618.260.08) my pins numbering is totally different. Mine have 3 separate sockets, 1-12 on the left, 1-23 in the middle and 1-12 on the right. There is no pin 42 nor 31.

Does anyone aware of this difference and could point me to the right direction? This is really frustrating, I really prefer the pin swap method but if I cannot work this out, I am already considering asking an automotive electrician to rig me a up a resistor to fool the control module. My car, being right hand drive is Great Britain designated car and confirmed by my PIWIS too.

Thanks in advance!!

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