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Hi All,

I have seen a fair number of people who installed GT3 front calipers on to their 987 cars. Just curious, why not use PCCB calipers instead? I know PCCB pistons are some 15% or so smaller than GT3 ones, but I would imagine that's more ideal in a brake bias point of view.

Porsche dealer told me that the PCCB calipers require no modification done on a normal 987 car to fit those calipers, unlike GT3 calipers which require wheel carriers to be changed to 997 ones. On top of that, changing to GT3 front calipers would mess up the bias a little bit. Whereas one could also get the rear calipers when going the PCCB caliper route + Brembo steel rotors.

I have read a few posts about moving the front red calipers to the rear and using 993 turbo rear discs, but that seems like it would require quite a bit of custom brackets in the rear?

Reason I'm asking this is because my local DOT won't allow us to use aftermarket brakes or custom brackets, so I need to work things around OEM parts when looking for increased braking/heat capacity. Otherwise, Brembo GT brakes would be no brainer ...

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