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by: K-Man S

Description: First I would like to thank our sponsor NRAuto for providing the bumper used in this installation article. There is a link at the bottom of this article to the group buy topic in our forum where you can find out more information and/or choose to order a similar bumper for yourself.So I know what some of you are thinking, I already had a GT3 style bumper from a past sponsor, why install another one? Well, two reasons actually. First, my wife's father had fallen on the front bumper of my car causing a small spiderweb in the paint underneath the clear bra. I thought at the time that the fiberglass underneath might also be cracked. The second reason was because the first bumper I had did not have access to the two hook or support for the headlight washers. My first bumper also did not have a removeable lip or the upper bumper vent, but those were of lesser concern to me, perhaps concern to others.I should add that now that I've removed my first bumper and inspected it, it is NOT cracked and would be perfectly fine to put on another Cayman or Boxster so I am going to put it up for auction in our Classifieds. To Bid Click Here: installation of this bumper follows the same procedure for removing an existing bumper and installing a new one. It is pretty straight forward in terms of removing screws and clips, the only somewhat difficult one to remove is the clip between the fender and trunk by the headlight, you can push it from the trunk towards the outside of the car and it will pop the clip out allowing the bumper to be removed. The new bumper did not use the same clip but rather used a bolt and washer/nut combo instead. Here are some dismantling sequence photos:
After the bumper is off your car will look something like this:
Don't forget that your owners manual has the procedure on how to remove your headlights and the tool for doing so is in the front trunk.I should spend a minute talking about the bumper as received from NR Auto. The bumper I received was one that had also been reinforced with carbon fiber, thus it was stiffer and less flexible than one that hasn't been reinforced. Unfortunately whomever did the reinforcement I think let the part sit after coming out of the mold and the whole bumper had contracted some both left to right and top to bottom, not in size really but in shape/form to a degree to where it took two people pulling on the bumper in an outwards fashion to get it to slide over the nose of the car and fit up into place. In other words it was more difficult to fit than my prior fiberglass bumper, but I think this was also due in part to the nature of the materials. My prior bumper was a very thin fiberglass that was machine pressed into a large mold, the NR Auto bumper is a thicker and heavier piece that is laid up by hand. The cost of my first bumper was around $2500 plus shipping from Japan, the NR Auto bumper was half that price. As I mentioned previously the prior bumper had some shortcomings in terms of support options like tow hooks and headlight washers so was either bumper "perfect"? No, so I would recommend that you have an installer who is good with working with fiberglass parts do the installation for you. Luckily I had a very good shop, although they were not inexpensive for their expertise. I did not weigh the bumpers vs each other but the NR Auto piece probably weighed a couple of pounds more.My shop did a couple of test fittings of the bumper before placing the bumper on a stand in their paint room area to work on the sanding and filling and priming and sanding, etc. that has to be done with any fiberglass bumper to make it look glass smooth when painted. Here are some pictures of some of the prep work:
Given the amount of time needed to get the bumper completely finished and ready for painting, I would again advise anyone reading this article to use a professional to make sure the job is done right unless you have experience in doing this type of bodywork.My bumper was painted and then the next day installed on the car. Unfortunately during that first install a stress crack appeared on the top of the bumper near the middle. Whether the installers caused this or the bumper was weak there I don't know but it required that the bumper be removed, sanded and filled in that area and then repainted again. These next two shots are after the bumper was finished the first time but had the hairline crack:
The second time was the charm and since the reinstall the bumper has not developed any further cracks. Here are some shots of the final assembly the second time:
Overall I think the bumper came out very well and so far is holding up nicely including a drive to Chicago and back for some track fun. I have not put a clear bra on this bumper yet and I'm not sure yet whether or not I will. I've received several compliments on the GT3 style look. The black lip at the bottom of the bumper is polyurethane and I've already scraped it a couple of times but it doesn't show any ill effects since it is flexible. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact Neil at NR Auto!

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