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It's that time of year again along the sunny shores of Long Beach, CA. The Long Beach Grand Prix hits the streets next weekend (4/16-18) with plenty of Porsche representation.
Included in the Le Mans series race (ALMS) will be GT3-RSR's in the GT class, along with GT3 Cup cars being exclusive to the GTC class.
In the SCCA Pro World Challange race, many more GT3's will compete in the GT class.
Seeing as how I look down on the track from my condo balcony, I'm quite excited about the whole thing. From the practice, to qualifying, to the race itself, lot of screaming engines will sooth my soul. Check your local Versus channel listings for much of the action.
I wonder just how much security there will be around 3am ? My dreams have been filled with visions of taking my Cayman S out for a spin. Eat my dust Patrick Dempsey !!! Hahahahahahahaha:dance:
Hope some of you will be able to make it down here. For more information...

P.S. Grab yourself some Tecate beer and $125 tickets are only $25 !!!
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