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Discussion Starter #81 We all know that Porsche monitors this website (yes we see you PAG and PCNA people :) ) and that's OK, heck I've had Porsche employees tell me they've learned things they didn't know even while working for Porsche. Knowledge is a good thing. Given how much speculation there is around the upcoming Cayman GT4 variant I thought it might be nice if those of us here at Planet-9 provided some input to Porsche in this topic thread. Sure, it might be too late to make any major changes to the vehicle, but you never know and it doesn't hurt to try. If you were sitting across the table from the planners at Porsche and giving them your list of "must haves" or "must NOT haves" in the new GT4 what would they be? Hopefully the individuals from Porsche who monitor this site will read this topic and perhaps have a better sense of what their potential customers want. Let's face it, the GT4 buyer is more likely to be someone on this website than anywhere else in the world, if we can't give Porsche good input, who can? I'll get the party started with a few items I'd like to see (or not see).

1. Please offer both manual and PDK transmissions
2. Please make centerlock wheels an option, not a requirement
3. Please don't dumb-down or remove things from whatever engine you put into the car. I don't want to see a 3.8L 911 engine that's missing oil return pumps or baffles, etc. as a cost savings measure.
4. Please make the rear toe links ADJUSTABLE, anyone who tracks a GT4 (including race cars) are going to want this
5. Please make whatever body styling changes to the front bumper, wing, rear valence, etc. both functional and noticeable as compared to the regular Cayman.
6. Please offer an optional roll bar/cage setup in the European market as you do for the GT3 (which means we can order and have one shipped to the US on our own)
7. Please offer at LEAST one UNIQUE color, preferably something like Signal Green, Orange, Mexico Blue, etc.
8. Please offer an optional race heritage graphics kit (Gulf livery, Rothmans, etc. ala the 918)
9. Please offer a backup camera (this is going to become a federally mandated requirement at some point anyway)
10.Please make enough of them so that my dealer can get one, in other words a "reasonable" amount ala the previous Cayman R

Ok there's 10 items that came to mind while typing this topic thread.... who is next?
So time to look back on my requests
1. They offered the manual which was my preference but didn't offer the PDK at least not in the first year.
2. No centerlocks thank goodness
3. Seems to be the 3.8 911S motor, even though HP number may be artificially marketed downward
4. Entirely new suspension components is more than I asked for, kudos to Porsche
5. Looks like they made this happen
6. Looks like they took my advice here :)
7. Didn't do this, but yellow is a not cost color so I can't be too upset
8. I bet something like this might come later, or there is always aftermarket
9. When the fed regs require it then we will see it
10. My local dealer will get at least 2 as will most, so as long as people got on lists early they should be able to get one, probably not as many made as the R though...

All in all looks like Porsche came through :)

Just resurfacing this topic along with others on the subject of more powerful Caymans

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As a 911 driver, I like the "Model T". It may be fading in your mind but I don't see that in the real world.

I only ask that Porsche stops "dumbing down" the 981 engines just so the 911 can have more HP. This strategy is a loser in the long run regardless of the love affair with a fading icon. Unless of course we all want to still be driving model Ts around.

We should let these cars reach their potential. Porsche should be building the best cars possible and let the market place determine which models thrive. Maybe those models are the F-Type or Corvette? :(
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