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I was whipping around the hills and oddly I couldn't easily move my clutch heel around. Turns out I had gum on the back of my heel, and it had spread around and embedded into the floor mat. It was very unpleasant to have that spot sticky, so I figured I'd be buying a new mat soon.

But I got it all out, and I thought I'd share, just in case.

First I tried the orange-base label-adhesive remover (goop-off?). It didn't do much. Then I figured if I couldn't fix it, I wouldn't worry about the material so I put some acetone on the gum. First I tried acetone on a paper towel, then I dribbled onto the patches of gum. It worked pretty well; it didn't dissolve the gum, but it seemed to make it inert and less adhesive. So I could rub and coax almost all of it out.

Then I returned to the orange goop-off stuff, and it really worked well on what was left. Most amazing, the carpet/pile of the mat seems completely unaffected. I expected the acetone to turn it into napalm. Maybe it will go prematurely bald at some point, but it was a good outcome.
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