I have two sets of Hawk Ceramic pads. One new. One less than 100 miles. Here's my story and I'm stickin' to it. The salesman at the seller's site lied to me when he said these pads were good on the street as well as the track and the brake feel was as good as oem if not better. NOT!
I worked directly with a Hawk technician to make sure I bedded the pads correctly and I could tell they felt pretty good when they were heated up, as if you were tracking the car. But when they cooled off, in normal street use, not so much. The nice sensitive light braking feel was not there. At least not to my liking. And the Hawk technician sent me another set as a courtesy.
The part numbers are HB665 Z.577 and HB719 Z.668. Front and rear new are approx $400. I'd like $400 for both just to move them on as I have no use for them. If you track you car they are fine. Two for the price of one + plus shipping to your zip code.