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2008 Cayman S, six speed, MIdnight Blue Metalic
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I apologize if this is not the correct placement of this, but since it's the Head Unit I'm assuming this is correct. A little background. I purchased a 2008 987.1c in January. Since it did not have PCM unit but did have steering wheel buttons and did have some evidence of an aftermarket head unit previously installed I knew I was going to replace the CDR24 unit. I installed a Kenwood head unit and used the NAV-TV HUR Kit. Everything works well except for some errors. These errors show up in my Durametric tool as follows:
1) Airbag C141 Communications PCM (display)
2) Air Conditioning C141 Communications PCM (display) and C131 Communication gateway control unit (CAN comfort)
Since none of these are causing a CEL I'm not all that worried, but I hate having them show up and who knows what will transpire when I need a SMOG check (in California).

I'm wondering about how to indicate to whatever module it would be in that PCM is not on this car.
Does anybody have any experience with Durametric Professional tool as compared to the Enthusiast. I have the Enthusiast and am considering the upgrade, especially if I can code this out.
Thanks in advance,
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