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HELP! 2010 Panamera S Coolant blew out engine Temperature high! NEED ADVICE!
Hi everyone,
I need some serious help…
I was driving my 2010 Panamera S V8 around 4-6000RPM for about 5-10 mins and I saw the engine temp went pass the middle line. Soon later I smelled coolant from the inside.
Following messages were immediately displayed: “check coolant Level”, “Engine Temperature high”, “Temperature sensor failed (something like that)”
I then shut down the engine after 1 minute or 2.
I opened up the hood and see coolant everywhere in the engine bay, it was even shot out of the hood.
Coolant looks more like came out of the front of the engine bay but I do not see anything hose or radiator failure by visual inspection.
I towed the car back and I removed the engine cover. I refilled more coolant from the reservoir with engine off, after 2 and half gallon it started leaking again and it is from the little hole on the bottom of where the engine and transmission mounted together. See picture attached.
. Leak hole 2.jpg Leak hole.jpg
The engine would turn on fine and there is no abnormal reaction. However, the temperature reading will be pointing at the highest spot at all time.
I am wondering if anyone has an idea of what is going on.
I want to take care of it myself, but I would like to get some advice and guidance from an expert before jump right into it.
I have a lot of questions in mind. What might be the causes? What parts do I need to replace? What are inside the transmission bell housing with coolant?
Also if anyone knows any Porsche Technician around Los Angeles area who would advise me will be super helpful and I am willing to pay a price for the help and guidance.
Thank you all for taking time read my post

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Sorry to read this unfortunate event. My advice is:
1) do not start the engine whatsoever.
2) I'd have the car towed at any cost, but you want to DIY.
3) since you spotted the leaking hose, remove it.
4) wipe the engine bay.
5) refill the coolant.
6) check if there's any other leakage. If so, start all over.
7) if not, start the engine and keep the car in place till the engine warms up and see if there's any leakage and how the temperature goes.

Best of luck.
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