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Hi.. A brief history. Bought an 06 987 box last year with 25000 k on the clock. The car is in excellent condition. I have a weird problem though. Driving at anywhere from 80 kmh up, i get a rear end wiggle around a sweeping right hand turn. No wiggle around a left hand turn. It feels like the drivers rear tire is losing traction then grabbing then losing then grabbing. I took the car in for an alignment and it was a tiny bit out, i cant remember exactly where but of no real concern.It was corrected but still this rear end wiggle around a sweeping r hander. I got the allignment guy to check out the suspension and nothing was out of sort. Tires are in great condition. One thing that might be of interest though. When i bought the car the rear tires were pretty much done so i had the shop put new rears on . Same michelin pilot sports but may be newer N rating??
edit...Had a check and N3s on all 4 corners.
Some ideas would be great.
Much appreciated.
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