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Follow the Yellow-Striped Road" Tour Reminder

There are no Yellow Brick Roads in Central Texas, but we have plenty of yellow-striped roads. We don't have fields of poppies, but the pundits of pollenation predicate bumper crops of Bluebonnets this year. We have no wizard in our backyard, but we had a doctor who invented a tasty libation that exists to this day - Dr Pepper. Put them all together and HCRPCA is proud to commence this year's "Follow the Yellow-striped Road Bluebonnet Tour!"

HCRPCA Tour Committee kindly requests your participation in our annual Bluebonnet Tour culminating in a visit to the world-famous D. Pepper Museum. On the way, we will lunch at the Texas-famous barbecue mecca Schoepfs in downtown Belton, so even if you cannot make an entire day of the event, please join us for the first leg and break brisket with your fellow club members.

Tour Date: Saturday, 10 April 2010.
Departure Point: Leander City Hall (on west side Hwy 183 and 20+ miles north of Austin)
Gathering Time: 8:30
Drivers' Meeting (mandatory!): 9:00
Departure Time: 9:30ish

Phoebe's Mud, a mobile coffee/expresso shop, will be on hand as our coffee purveyor. HCRPCA Tour Committee is chock-full of trained botanists, so we can give you a detailed report as to the wildflower situation along the route. The white flowers (lookalikaclova buttabigga) and pink ones (dayza mitabe poipull) have taken up most of the prime real estate, but the bluebonnets (whadawier sirchinfor) and those tall weeds with yellow tops (amarillos bimournen) are making a move towards gentrification of the neighborhood. By tour time we suspect everything will be in full swing and a glory to behold. If not, there is plenty of lush, green grass (fudaforta caddel) to gander at along the way.

A soundtrack CD has been prepared for the first leg of the tour and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Although it is just a passing phase, this audio recording contains some of that "rock and roll" music that is putting the youth of America into a frenzy and may not suit everyone's taste. For those drivers we recommend "Filmscore Focus" on KMFA (89.5 on that FM dial.)

Please bring an empty bladder and full fuel tank. Unfortunately, there is no place for a pit-stop along the first leg of the tour to Belton. Even the "nature lovers" will realize that there are not many places to pull over and "talk to a man about a horse," so come prepared and go easy on Phoebe's Mud.

This tour follows well-maintained, curvy roads with nice speed limits, so we will be moving at a comfortable clip down the roadways. Please make sure your co-driver is properly dosed with Dramamine, Xanax and/or cooking sherry to allow for a relaxing drive and to preserve marital harmony. Or each can bring their own Porsche. We only mention this because we care.

We're off to see the Dr (Pepper.) And you? The Magical Mystery Tour is waiting to take you away!

Have Fun and Play Safe,
HCRPCA Tour Committee
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