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by: K-Man S

Description: First, I'd like to apologize to our sponsor HIP Design. They were kind enough to send me a HIP bolt some time ago and I lost it. Well misplaced it actually, but thankfully it turned up (in my coupon drawer in the kitchen no less) and I was able to install it and create this article.
The second thing I should say is that you really don't need this installation article. Every HIP Bolt comes with printed instructions that are very easy to follow, so for those who want to take the express route simply go to:
HIP DESIGN and order yours today! I suggest one for each door that you plan to protect the contents beyond.
Here is a photo of the instructions, the HIP Bolt, and the drilling guide:

Installing is very easy, you simply get out a 3/8" drill bit, line up the drilling guide block for either a left hand or right hand door, and begin drilling! Make sure your drill bit is long enough, you'll need to go a total of 3-1/2" deep (1" through the guide block and 2-1/2" through your wooden door jamb)
Here I am using the guide block and about to drill in the hole on the right, don't worry the hole in the guide block is slightly smaller than 3/8" so your drill bit will slice right through it.

After you have drilled the hole simply insert the HIP Bolt. I actually drilled close to the depth needed, checked the bolt, drilled a little more, etc. until I had it just where I wanted it.

Next I simply checked the fit with the door closed with the HIP Bolt not applied and with the HIP Bolt applied and locked into place. I was worried that the HIP Bolt wouldn't clear my alarm system magnetic door switch but it worked just fine!

If you are looking for a simple way to secure a door, perhaps the one to the garage to keep small children out of the garage then the HIP Bolt is just the answer. Easy to install, easy to use, I highly recommend the HIP Bolt!

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