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The Cayman does not come with a spare tire
in the US. The Porsche spare tire is made by Vredestein called the Space Master.
The size is 185/60-17 93P. You can see the correct fitment at their website

. Vredestein does not sell these tires direct to consumers. You must buy
them through an authorized dealer. Part #s follow (prices are estimates of full
list price):

996-772-101-00 Emergency Wheel Insert ~$70

996-721-211-00 Scissors Type Jack ~$208

996-362-202-04 AS Folding Spare ~$834

996-361-411-00 Belt for Tire ~$32

996-361-521-00 Tire Boot ~$15

(note: you might want a means
to secure the tire in the front boot so it does not move while driving. It is
presumed the "Belt for Tire" will do that and your dealer may need to install

You might also want to
consider where to put the flat tire after you remove it. It will not fit in
either the front trunk nor the hatch. It "might" fit in the passenger seat. It
may be a good idea to get a tire bag (or some kind of plastic bag) to put the
flat tire in to not soil the passenger seat.
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