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Watch this video log from Tom De Vleesschauwer, Transport and mobility practice leader, as he discusses how new mobility is changing the automotive industry.
In the second video of this two part series, Tom discusses the current vehicle market as it relates to mobility, the evolving history of mobility over the last 10 years, and how our new multi-client study, Reinventing the Wheel, is exploring new future mobility dynamics.
Covering questions like:

  • Are there new entrants coming into the mobility vehicle market?
  • How can companies benefit from understanding the history of mobility?
  • How does the revolution of mobility impact other industries outside of automotive?
The future of cars, oil, chemicals and electric power is changing as we know it. Reinventing the Wheel, a multi-client study, offers a system-wide analysis that brings to bear a deep understanding of the forces at work within each industry. IHS Markit uniquely offers the capability and expertise within each industry and the ability to look across industries and how they interact.
To learn more about this multi-client study, visit

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