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Part 2. How to Order a European Delivery

Euro Delivery is available on an built-to-order car, on a first come, first serve basis. Porsche does not do Demo deliveries or use loaners in dealer stock. Because of the seasonality of the European climate the peak demand season is between May 15 - Sept 31. Keep in mind that many Europeans and customers around the world order Euro Delivery so the available slots are in higher demand than supply and fill up quickly - usually about 3 - 4 months ahead of time. Off peak Euro Deliveries do occur and are typically readily available. Unless you are purchasing an all-wheel drive vehicle, inclement weather such as snow and ice is an important consideration for those considering winter deliveries. Note; Porsche will outfit your sports car with a set of loaner winter tires for wintertime deliveries at no additional cost for 2 weeks. They will replace them with summer tires prior to the car leaving the factory.

IMPORTANT: If you are considering Euro Delivery, I recommend you have your SA include the option in your initial order. Do not wait to add it later. This will alert PCNA and PAG that you intend to do Euro Delivery and will assist them in placing the build order to coincide with an available Euro Delivery date. I also recommend that you contact PCNA's European Delivery department directly via email. It is very likely that your SA has rarely ordered an ED and may not be the best person to answer the important questions for you.

Your initial contact a PCNA is; generic: [email protected]. The two very capable and competent coordinators are Jamie Dillion, European Delivery: [email protected] / 770-290-3661 or Rebekah Pound, Vehicle Order Specialist, [email protected] / 770-290-3506

Euro Delivery is a no-charge option (see explanation) on the Build a Car Porsche Configurator. It is the last item you choose. The build code is S9Y for Leipzig and 900 for Zuffenhausen. Porsche actually builds the type 981 Cayman in Osnabruck, but you may choose either Leipzig or Zuffenhausen (Stuttgart) for your delivery.

No Charge Option Explained: Porsche Cars North American (PCNA) waived the Euro Delivery fee about 5 years ago to the consumer in response to more aggressive programs offered by BMW and MB. However, they do charge the dealer a fee of $2,995. So, no matter if the dealer does not pass along these cost directly, there is a cost which may affect your final price. The US dealer is reportedly compensated with an additional allocation to help ease the burden as well.​

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