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First let's say you attempted to log in and your password is not correct, you will be met with the following page:

See where it says on that page Forgotten your Password? Click Here. ?
Well PLEASE click that link. Once you click that link you will be taken to the password reset request form shown here:

Simply fill in your email address that you used to register on this website, that is the email address that receives private message notifications or monthly newsletters, etc. from the website. If you have changed email addresses since you registered and not updated the one on file with this website then shame on you! In this instance only please email me with proof of account ownership and I can reset the password and change the email address for you. Once you fill in your email address click the button that says "Request Username / Password Now"

The website will then send an email to the email address you specified if it is one belonging to a member of the website. Here is an example of such an email:

The email provides 2 things, your existing username in case you've forgotten it or forgotten how to spell it, etc. The other item it provides is a Link for you to click on to reset your password. The link ends in a unique encryption key, the image above is just a sample and not a valid key. When you click that link you will be taken back to the website and see the following:

This is your verification that your new password has been sent to you. Notice there is also a link to take you to the form to change your password to something else if you don't like what the website provides to you. More on that in a moment. So now it is time to go back and check your email again. Here is what you should see in email:

Notice the email provides you with the username and password needed to log into the site. You are now all set, simply use that username and password to log in. If you don't like the password provided, and most people don't, simply click the link provided to take you to the form to change your password to something you will remember. You will need the temporary password provided, simply enter that into the form and then enter your new password and submit to save and you will now be able to log in with the password that you've chosen for yourself if you don't like the one the website provided.

Any questions?
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