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So... after three years of arguing with myself over the indefensible cost, I changed out the shiny aluminum dash trim for black anodized trim, and installed the OEM Porsche aluminum pedals. Everything looks great. However, the other day, I got into the car to see the aluminum break pedal cover lying on the floor of the car. Since the aluminum clutch and brake pedal covers are not rigidly affixed to the pedal assemblies, I'm concerned that the brake or clutch cover might pop off at a critical time if my foot presses it at an angle.

The original rubber covers had a rigid metal clip on the bottom that gave it a more secure feel, but the aluminum pedals only have a rubber surround that fits over the flat portion of the pedal assembly. I've pushed them on as hard as I can, but it still seems relatively easily to pull them off, as the rubber surround isn't all that rigid. I've read all the threads I can find on these pedals and no one else has complained of the seemingly insecure attachment mechanism for these covers.

Am I missing something? or is this normal?

I'm tempted to put a spot of adhesive under these covers to keep them rigidly affixed to the pedals.

Addendum: Ok, so I'm an idiot. Finally figured it out. The OEM pedal covers have a metal clip on the bottom edge, so they are fitted first on the bottom. I was fixated on this installation method for the aluminum covers, but that's not correct. There is a small channel inside the rubber backing that has to engage the metal part of the pedal. This is most easily done by installing the aluminum cover at the top first, forcing the pedal into the channel, then working it down to the bottom with fingers behind the pedal to get the entire pedal in that channel. Then it's securely affixed.
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