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I get a number of members here who subscribe to classified categories and forget they have done so and then ask how to unsubscribe so I've put together this little tutorial on how to do both.

DO NOT confuse category subscriptions with subscribing to individual ads, I'll cover that another time.

First, you MUST be logged into the site for this to work, visiting as a guest will not allow you to change subscription status. Ok now to subscribe to a Category you simply go to that category in the classifieds and scroll down the list of ads until you get to the blue separator bar between the ad listings and the recent ads. You should see text that says "Subscribe to Category" as shown in the following image:

If you want to subscribe to that category, which means you will receive an email EACH AND EVERY TIME a new ad is posted in that category, then simply click on the text "Subscribe to Category" and you will be subscribed.

Now let's say a few months go by and you decide you don't want to be subscribed anymore. Simply visit whichever category / categories you have previously subscribed to and scroll down to that blue separator bar again and look at the text. If the text says "UNsubscribe to Category" (emphasis added on the UN) then you are currently subscribed to this category as shown in this image:

If you click that text, it will unsubscribe you from that one category and the text will revert to that shown in the first image above. If you are subscribed to multiple categories you will have to visit each and every category you are subscribed to and click the text to unsubscribe.

Any questions? :)
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