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I have a set of autocross wheels without TMPS. I've been to two events now and have always been expecting a TPMS error to pop up at some point but have not seen anything at all. I'm not complaining, just wondering why I haven't seen it. Do TPMS errors trigger after a certain mileage or speed? Has anyone else run without it and avoided the error?
Are these autox events or DE? I have found that with autox it does not normally indicate a failure at most events. However some events with longer courses and/or more runs have triggered a warning. I am not sure when the failure is triggered but I bet that you have to move a certain distance or a certain amount of continuous movement time before the error is triggered.

As you said, its a non-issue. But if you want to check, drive on your non-TPMS wheels for 5 miles or so at normal speeds. I bet you get the warning.
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