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I have a TPMS Non-Issue

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I have a set of autocross wheels without TMPS. I've been to two events now and have always been expecting a TPMS error to pop up at some point but have not seen anything at all. I'm not complaining, just wondering why I haven't seen it. Do TPMS errors trigger after a certain mileage or speed? Has anyone else run without it and avoided the error?
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I have a 2007 Cayman S and no TPMS on my track wheels. Everytime I switch to the track wheels I get a TPMS warning, it might take 15 minutes before I see it. After shutting the car off, I will get a new warning, also with a similar time delay. As per a previous post there is no pressure indicated on the the screen after the ewarning has been posted. After the initial switch to track wheels, the pressure continues to show until I get the warning.
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