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I just "pickled" my engine with a full quart of Tuffoil. It has turned my CTT into a beast! :taunt:

Very smooth; quiet and seems quicker.

Sometime quite a while back when I recommended this oil additive, I got hammered on this site. I was challenged and I waited six months and several thousand miles after I bought my CPO CTT before taking the plunge.

After all it wasn't cheap: It cost me $190 to get a gallon of Tufoil delivered. :(

We did an oil change using 5-40w Mobile One. The beast ate two five-gallon cans of synthetic. The mechanic misunderstood me [He read the label.] and only used 8 ounces of Tuffoil. Once he understood what I wanted, he added 8 more ounces of Tufoil. That was 10.5 quarts of total lubricant! :eek:

Damned thirsty beast. I expected it to hold only 9 quarts of oil. But there was no more room for another pint of Tuffoil.

I waited two weeks and today there was room enough to add the other pint. That makes it a full quart of Tufoil! :dance:

Tomorrow AM I am taking a run down the Kenai Peninsula and will break the teflon based treatment in at speed--at least highway speed, non-stop; however, it is not required with Tufoil. All that is required with Tufoil is that the engine has enough miles on it to fully seat the rings {maybe 10,000 miles} or they'll never seat.

I recommend a 1:8 ratio of Tufoil for your intial treatment followed by 1:64 to 1:32 ratio of Tuffoil with each subsequent oil change.

In a 4.5 quart system, I recommend 16 oz. of Tufoil to "pickle" your engine. This is approximately twice what the Mugwah, NJ company recommends.

Why haven't you heard of Tufoil? Quite simply, the inventor never needed the money and has not marketed his invention widely. Also, once I was scourged on this site for suggesting it, I backed off.

What do I expect from the added expense?

--Easier cold starts with SIGNFICANTLY less wear & tear on my engine.

--My Turbos already spool up quicker. It is noticeably faster (admittedly seat of the pants test).

--Perhaps 3 miles more per gallon. (Maybe I can finally get more than 10 MPG. ;) )

--And longevity. This V-8 should last well past 500,000 miles without any serious engine repairs.


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I don't know who disparaged you previously, and hopefully not YOU, but rather the product if they had experience with it. I don't have any experience with it, but I will say that several of those teflon additives and other similar products were tested a few years back by an independent lab and they found virtually no benefits to them in their testing so I could see why people would be skeptical if they thought your product was similar to one of those tested.

I think we have some petroleum engineers on this site, maybe they can chime in with some info if they have it. In the mean time as long as you are happy, that's all that really matters. :)

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I was really hesitant to try this but having used Tufoil on three vehicles previously (all with non-synthetic oil) I researched this and finally got a written e-mail confirmation from the maker that it combines well with Mobile 1. After several cold starts when I had to park all day at the mountain skiing, I decided I really needed to protect my engine better. After all, I tend to drive my cars for years and hope to get >500,000 more miles on this one.

However, I have given up on all other oil additives. I used Marvel Mystery Oil but won't bother with it. I used Restorz but it is not necessary on my CTT.

I've tried other teflon based products and this one in superior IMHO. There is no required non-stop break-in period, i.e drive 700 miles before shutting off the engine or the teflon settles. Tufoil has smaller particles than the others and appears to do just what it says--flow easily through oil filters. And it seems to remain effective and not settle in the bottom of the oil pan.

However, I have noticed one recent development: In the past Fluoramics did not give any mileage guidelines. WE just made sure the engine was well-broke in and the rings seated. We used to wait until 10,000 miles on a new engine. The least I waited was 12,000 miles.

Now, Fluoramics Tufoil recommends at least 20,000 miles on an engine BEFORE using it.

While Tufoil recommends less (exactly half of what I think it optimal), even when I had no Tufoil to add, the previous treatment was benefical.

On my Supra, it took out the harshness in the upper RPM allowing the engine to rev freer (And I inadvertently red lined it a time or two).

I got 245,000 miles on my Avalon and it was running faster (>120 mph) and quite strong when I traded her. I did not start using Tuffoil in it until almost 100,000 miles and there were times I couldn't get it (Pep Boys discontinued it.) or couldn't afford it.

My CTT runs smoother and quieter. My mileage increased albeit slightly. I hit 19.2 MPG on the highway at modest speeds last week.

I expect that my treated engine will last twice as long with this additive. It really defends against damaging cold starts--which are a problem up north.

Flouramics used to sell Tufoil up here on base and at True Value Hardware but now it is no where to be found. They don't market it well. The inventor claims he's not interested in money. After shipping it cost me $190 for a gallon. One quart is in her with Mobile 1 5w-40. From here forward I am hoping to continue with 0w-40 and 8 ounces of Tuffoil year round with changes at 5,000 miles. It's cheap insurance.

I'd recommend them for a sponsor.
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