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Hi all,

I just wanted to share my impression on Agency power and Softronic Race Plenum package. First of all, i have to give special thanks to a fellow member Jonathan for hooking me up with the used plenum and Jon from Vivid Racing. I love the awesome customer service provided by vivid racing and recommend this exhaust system to everybody out there.

I first installed APE exhaust and was amazed by the upgraded performance. I am not sure what the gain is on real dyno but you can def feel the gain. It has removed the back pressure and sounds so much better now. It has more deeper and sportier sound and even more amazing thing is it has no drone. Contact Jon at vivid racing and he will get you the best price in the market. I got mine for way less than the price posted on the website. Then 2 weeks later, i installed SRP and now it feels way faster than stock. If you feel like your car is lacking some power and sluggish, then these are the must have mods.
I will post up some pics later!!
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