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Gloss-It Garage Interior Care Preview!

Gloss-It has created top shelf products to not only clean your interior to look like new, but also to help treat and protect it as well. These products have been added together in a kit to make things easier for you. Our Interior Leather and Vinyl Care Bundle is available on Glossit Online | Gloss-it's Online Store - home.

Our Leather and Vinyl Cleaner is a mild water based cleaner that is pH balanced and contains no petroleum additives. We've spent countless hours formulating and perfecting the best leather cleaner that is both safe and effective. Gloss-It Satin Leather Cleaner gently cleans and replenishes your natural leather oils and restores a natural leather smell.

The Satin Leather Polish contains our proprietary UV-SORB sun protection. These UV blockers reduce leather fade and sun induced cracking. These products when paired with our Fine Detailing Brush to remove skin oils, dirt, and grime that has seeped into your interior, offer the best value for your money.

If you are a car enthusiast you should have these tools in your arsenal to create that fresh car look and smell throughout the life of your vehicle.

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