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Background: Started by a team of professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in the aftermarket exhaust industry, we set out to create a company where the initial sale represents only the start of our relationship with the customer. Using our experience has allowed us to shape the business from the ground up and implement an unwavering code of conduct, industry leading warranty, and customer service that will redefine all expectations. After isolating the core values of what makes a great company and cementing them as the foundation on which to build on, we were then able to focus our full attention on the product. Through many months of market evaluation, testing and implementation, we are very proud to start offering our components and services with Planet-9 members! As our business grows we will be heavily investing in new technology and refining every aspect of what we do. We’re grateful that we have the ability to work with you and we look forward to building long lasting relationships here.

Industry Leading Warranty: Our components are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty which includes both street AND track usage. In fact, please take our system to the track and punish it! If you are able to isolate any weak links we will not only be eager to resolve your immediate concern, but to use the knowledge you have provided to improve our products further. All of our components using HJS catalytic converters are backed by a three year warranty(unless used with race fuel/fuel additive).

Our Facility: We’re located in a 15,000 sq ft facility north of Philadelphia in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. We make great use of this space to keep our products in stock, ready to ship. Our mission is to quickly get you the parts you need with no delays. Our R&D area is equipped with two BendPak lifts and the tools necessary to allow us to design, engineer, test, prototype, and fixture components. Our shipping area is set up to ensure that all components get a thorough inspection, orders ship complete with all hardware, and that products are well packed.

Manufacturing: We’re partnered with ISO 9001 Certified aerospace manufacturers, enabling us to work with technology and industrial scale, extreme precision equipment down to +/- 0.002 inches that would otherwise be out of the limits of an exhaust manufacturer. Our capabilities include waterjet and laser cutting, tube bending, CNC machining, robotic welding and much more. We strategically deal with vendors worldwide to find appropriate components, such as high quality HJS HD catalytic converters. Our mission is to provide the best possible results for our customers at great pricing.

If you’re interested in participating in new product development or have any customization desires we’re always happy to accommodate wherever possible. Need custom exhaust tips to match your unique build? We can do that.

Performance: We’re constantly building relationships with shops across the world to prove our products on various dyno setups under different conditions. We don’t want you to take our word for it alone, but allow us to validate ourselves through multiple outside channels as well. If you’re interested in dyno testing our components, please let us know!

Thank you for reading about us, we’re always here if you need anything at all!

- Evan, Mike, John
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