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Hello everyone. My name is Xin and I am based out of SF Bay Area.

I have owned a few sports cars and I have been looking at 987s for a while. I am ready to jump in to get a daily/track car that.

I already have a dedicated track car (Miata) and a 996 Turbo for other occasions.

While looking for a 987 CS, a 2006 TPC turbo charged one is available in my area. From the limited research I have done, I was able to ascertain the following, but still have a couple of questions remaining:

  • The TPC Turbo kick makes the car very quick with only 4.5 PSI of boost
  • There seem to be several engine failures. Which is a cause for concern. For people who are familiar with the issue, please feel free to chime in.
  • Also, is the IMS bearing issue a phantom menace?
  • Would I be better off getting a 987.2?
Thanks in advance.

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