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Is it wrong for me to be excited about the new Ford Taurus? Maybe I’m just getting old, but the Taurus always represented what my father and his friends drove . . . a boring car for the practical, budget-minded adult.

It’s not just me . . . it seems like a lot of people are interested in the Taurus. From what I’ve heard, the Taurus will be sporty and content-heavy. With pricing at the low end of $25 K to a fully loaded SHO at $45 K, it will appeal to a wide range of consumers. In client meetings and over discussions with friends, the Taurus keeps coming up. Media companies that count on automotive marketing dollars believe that the Taurus will be a home run and expect Ford to invest significant advertising dollars in it. Friends that drive BMWs, Toyotas and Volvos have talked about considering the Taurus for their next sedan purchase.

A combination of pent-up demand, GM and Chrysler bankruptcies, and a ‘buy American’ sentiment could make the Taurus’s July 2009 release date perfect. Automotive consumer research indicates that the public’s perception of Ford is improving due to Ford’s strong quality scores, its avoidance of government bailout funds, and the release of more exciting vehicles. If we look at the midsize sedan segment, Taurus’s major competitors include the Toyota Avalon and Chevrolet Impala . . . the buzz seems to indicate that the 2010 Taurus competes exceptionally well from a price, content and quality perspective with these makes. At the high end, the SHO could steal share from entry-level luxury buyers that traditionally consider brands such as Cadillac, Mercedes and BMW. My guess is that the Taurus is going to be a major hit.

Now the tough question . . . can I really see myself driving the same boring car dad used to drive? I'll have to ask my kids.

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