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here something for the last minute stocking stuffers...

can still make xmas..

We're now an authorized dealer for Antigravity Batteries, so we've got their Micro-Start jump starter packs for sale!

Here's what they have to say about these awesome Micro-Start jump packs:

What is a Micro-Start?

The MICRO-STARTS are the ORIGINAL world’s smallest lithium jump starters, that can also power or charge any of your electronics such as Laptops, Cell Phones, Tablets, iReaders, GoPro Cameras, MP3 Players, iPods, PSPs and numerous other devices. It’s basically a POCKET-SIZED back-up power supply that you would charge once then take with you wherever you go to supply back-up energy to power your electronics or jump start your vehicles. Just charge it and you don’t have to worry about having an electrical outlet nearby. Just plug into the MICRO-START and power up your devices. But amazingly it will easily jump-start your vehicles including V8 Trucks as well. We are the FIRST and ORIGINAL makers of this product… don’t settle for the copy cat’s inferior battery cells and circuit boards and cheap feel… There is only ONE MICRO-START.

There are different MICRO-START models. Some have the ability to power 19v Laptops, 12v devices and USB devices while our smaller units do only USB devices.

The XP-10 is what we keep in all the cars and trucks here at Schnell. While we thankfully don't have to use them much for their jumping capabilities, they do see a lot of use when we're out at events or in general, to keep our phones and other devices (like those fast-draining GoPros) charged when no outlets are available. The fact that not only are they great as USB battery packs, but can also jump start a car in an emergency, coupled with the fact that they're significantly smaller than traditional jump packs, make these no-brainers to keep with the car.

Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Planet-9 Special Sale Prices!

Micro-Start XP-5 - $90.75
Micro-Start XP-3 - $100.25
Micro-Start XP-1 - $128.61
Micro-Start XP-10 - $166.30


These sales are phone order only, and not listed on our website. If you are interested, please call us toll-free at 1-888.978-9899.
Sales prices do not include shipping or tax.
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