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I am still jet-legging..finally downloaded pictures to my laptop and will start blogging in chronological order.

I've always wanted a mid-engine sports car and considered C4S, but decided to go with 2015 Cayman S.
European Delivery sounds enchanting as my wife and I can drive around the Europe with a brand new Porsche.
We've been to Europe many time and never driven in Europe.

Now, the fun part begins...configuring for options and shopping around.
So we've spent most of summer test drivings and getting quotes for the best price.
You see, the dealers have to absorb $3000 ED cost, so the negotiation with ED is totally different than without ED.
The best quote was 4% off MSRP, so I signed the PO with my local Porsche dealer on July 18th.

Now, the delivery date..
I didn't want to drive over the Alps in November, but the early delivery date was Nov 3rd.
Well, it is what it is and hoping for the best weather.

Here is my build sheet.

Pos. MTYP/Option Text Retail Price

1 981130 Cayman S 63,800.00

2 N4 Dark Blue Metallic 710.00

3 AS Leather Package in Black 500.00

4 250 Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) 3,200.00

5 400 19" Boxster S Wheels 390.00

6 446 Wheel Center Caps with Colored Porsche Crest 185.00

7 475 Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) 1,790.00

8 603 Bi-Xenon" Headlights incl. Porsche Dynamic Light System 0.00

9 638 ParkAssist (Front and Rear) with Reversing Camera 1,515.00

10 658 Power Steering Plus 270.00

11 748 Power Folding Side Mirrors 320.00

12 840 SportDesign Steering Wheel 490.00

13 900 European Delivery (Zuffenhausen) 0.00

14 980 Leather Package 0.00

15 P06 Power Sport Seats (14-way) with Memory Package 2,320.00

16 P9D Premium Package Plus i.c.w. Power Sport Seats (14-way) 2,950.00

17 P9G Infotainment Package with BOSE® Surround Sound System 3,990.00

18 TDN European Navigation on PCM 250.00

Even though i had spent countless hours on the Porsche Car Configurator, I missed a few..

Smoker's package!! Since I didn't smoke, I totally bypassed it.
But without it, you just get a open ash tray..what a bummer..
I inquired about it to Jamie Porsche NA and she referred to my local Porsche dealer to order it.
My European Delivery instructor also told me the same thing..
At least, it's doable, so I am ordering the ash tray cover.

Also, the steering wheel heating..and it's only $270..
Here in Midwest where winter is 6's essential...well, too late..

Some good options I've chosen.
19" wheels..done my researching..IMO, it provides the best of both worlds for the ride comfort and performance also considering winter wheels.

PASM, yeah, it's worth it. especially if you do DD and many potholes like in Midwest.
I've never felt any stiffness driving around 5 European countries.

Sports Steering Wheel, Oh baby, it's fun to shift using the paddle shift.

Backup Camera (new in 2015) and side folding mirror, yes, it's worth if you live in the city where parking spaces are tight. You won't believe how narrow and tight it is in Europe..A few parking accidents I had..will elaborate more in my following blog.

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