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Hey all...since I value many of the informed opinions I have been reading on this site..I thought I would bring my dilemma to you.

I am looking for a BT/Nav/Radio replacement for the the current CDR24 because it is frustrating having the cockpit cluttered with all of the various electronic devices I am currently using to accomplish these tasks. The most important thing to me is bluetooth...followed by the navigation...finally the stereo. This is the first time in 15 years I have felt the need to upgrade the factory system...but the proliferation of electronics seems to demand it at this time.

I have "sort of" narrowed it down to the Kenwood 7140 and Clarion's new NX700 which allegedly has much improved satellite navigation which I have read was a weakness on previous models from them. The interface on the Clarion seems to get better reviews than the Kenwood...possibly because it offers less features???

I really like the Garmin navigation offered by Kenwood. I have read that this unit is much more feature rich than the Clarion but the con would be a clunkier interface. It seems to me that that have not yet figured out a good way to give you access to all the features. Which to me, defeats my purpose of simplifying my life with whichever unit I purchase. I'm not even sure if I would use/need the extra features, since it seems both have everything I would see as necessary. Is there something glaring missing from one or the other?

I have read that these are two of the best options when it comes to the bluetooth interface. So, at this point it seems like a non-issue.

What do you all think? Does anyone have personal experience with either of these units or the manufacturers in general? Is my analysis close or am I way off? Am I missing an obvious competitor?

Thanks in advance for your input!!!
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