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I searched a bit for reviews on Kurt's but did not find any. Here's a short one..
I have been to Kurt's only thrice and dealt with Kurt himself all three times.
About an year ago I went there to get a PPI done on a 328i I wanted to buy, searched for a mechanic who could give me an opinion. Googled for the nearest one I could fine and ended up at Kurt's. The guy takes his time but does the job. He thoroughly looked for any issues and came up with an analysis, explained to me what could have happened and advised to look for a better car. Bought a friend's Mustang and forgot about the guy.
Four months ago when I bought my CS 2010 for Carmax, I was looking to get a PPI done from a dealership. Actually I was able to call the dealership in Atlanta where it was serviced regularly and they were the ones who sold it initially. They were patient enough to answer my questions about the car and I still wanted to get a PPI done as the car was driven a few thousand miles after the last service. I wanted to check if everything was alright. I called up a couple of dealerships but I could not get an appointment before Carmax's 5-day return policy ended. I checked with a few guys at work and one guy who is getting work done on his 911 suggested to take the car to Kurt's. I called Kurt and he was kind enough to spare some time. When I took my car to him I was surprised it was the same guy, told him about the BMW I did not buy after his advice. Also, the guy from work already called him about me. Kurt took a test drive of the car and checked the under body and again took his time to see if there are any issues. He spotted a very old oil stain under the body and asked me to keep checking for any new oil. Other than that he said it all looks good, very well taken care of by the previous owner after he looked at the interior.
Fast forward to last week I bought the oil and filter with an intention to change it myself. Well, I am also contemplating on replacing the shifter cable so wanted to check if he had done it in the past so decided to get the oil change done by him. Called up to take an appointment and when I mentioned the vehicle he remembered who I was. When I brought the car the next morning, he was like you love your car don't you?? I was like is there any guy who doesn't love his Porsche!;) He changed the oil and reset the service interval and checked for any error codes. He has a small nice cabin where I could connect remotely to work while waiting to get the oil change done. There was a nice '06 911 on which one of his guys was working and a couple of other cars. He just charged me for labor and I was out in an hour. Oh well, he did change a shifter cable in the past and mentioned that its a work of art :taunt:
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