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First and foremost a big thank you to Bryan at Road Sport Supply and the rest of the staff whom made everything possible. Their service is next to none and simply over the top, once again I thank you. I could not be any happier let alone ask for more. Highly recommended in my books and I look forward to the IPD Plenum/TB upgrade very soon! Moving along to the goods...

Yesterday I recieved the package via Road Sport Supply which was sent from KW's facility in Germany due to the lack of stock. Mind you it arrived rather quickly.

Onto the garage where the greatness sat meanwhile I was at work.

After the successful completion of moving the content from the garage into the house to see what was inside.

Sir Bentley GT conducting his usual pre-inspection and without a shadow of a doubt he approves, therefore, the installation will occur!

Moving onto what I have been waiting to see since the very get go of the transaction and my oh my what beauty they are. I contemplated mounting them on my wall versus installing them but the benefits greatly outweighed that option.

I must admit it was a rather long night and I received little to no sleep knowingly what would take place the following day.

The following morning I attempted to place the coilovers to no avail as you can see.

After a minor setback I arrived at my local shop German Performance Options to drop off my vehicle and have them installed. Although I was not there throughout the installation process the ever so understanding staff took a few photographs for me.

A few comparison analysis shots of the former and new.



Joey approves!

To more or less give you an idea of the discernible difference between a stock shock and a KW V3 coilover. Mind numbing if you ask me.



Another comparison analysis but this time of them side by side.

I must say I am extremely happy with the turn out and cannot wait for the springs to settle. I ended up taking the back roads home and I noticed an incredible difference in the way the vehicle handles and feels. I cannot say much at this point as I have not pushed the car to its limits but I feel its an entirely different vehicle and thus far has been well worth the money and effort to make it happen. Come tomorrow evening or by the end of the week I will have a full fledged report as to what I think which will include images of my vehicle. Once again a big thanks to Bryan and the rest of the Road Sport Supply team for making this happen. Along side Joey and the rest of the gang at German Performance Options for the expedited installation and the kindness of bringing my vehicle to my job post-completion. Good night for now and stay tuned for more!
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