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Just thought we would offer some feedback to anyone looking into coilovers and associated bits.

We just installed our first set of KW V3 coilovers in an 07 Cayman S. Overall we are pretty impressed with this set up as a dual use option. We installed a set of Tarett front Camber Plates with them and Tarett rear toe links.

We have done H&R springs on stock dampers and a couple of PSS9 installs in the past but we really like these parts. We have found the KW V3 respond to even a single click adjustment in the damper. The car will see some track time on May 12th so we will have some lapping feedback at that time.

They are a bit of a pain to get to the bump adjustment and the rear rebound but the car seems to ride very well on our less than stellar streets here. Can't wait to be able to get to run a few laps in a session at the track.

With the Tarett camber plates we easily got -2.6 degrees of camber up front. We specc'd 9.0 wide front wheels so we will see if this is aggressive or not once we dial it in on the track.

We have done a lot of intalls of Tarett parts on the aircooled 911's but this is our first intall of parts on the watercooled cars. The quality is just as impressive as the aircooled parts. Ira does a great job with these.

We have some R888 in 19 inch and some NT-01 in 18 we hope to run at the track on the 12th, hopefully we get to try them both out to compare. We have had great luck withe NT-01 on the aircooled 911's for DE cars and excellent luck with the Hoosier R6 as well. We hope to see this Cayman with R6 in the future.

Not sure if we will get our G2X installed in this car or not but should get some good video.

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