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We are doing a group buy for the 987 KW Variant 3 coilovers as seen here - KW Variant 3 Coilover Kit Porsche 987 Boxster Cayman incl S 05+.

Need 5 people for the Group buy at $2200 Shipped

So why KW?
KW has become a strong part of what Vivid Racing recommends to its customers. With increasing sales in the Porsche, Honda S2000, and BMW market, it is obvious why. As a record breaking winner at the 24hours of Nurburgring, KW has some of the best technology to develop suspension that makes sense. Their 7 post shock dyno allows them to develop a product that handles and rides BETTER then stock. No they dont have 436 way adjustable dampening and cool camber plates. But they do have valving, spring rates, and measured fluid to the “T” which allows them to build a coilover that will continually perform lap after lap. For those worried about what type of shock will be better on the street or the track, now there is no reason, because KW Suspension is the best choice for both. Their Variant 3 (V3) product is the top of the line for weekend racers with those wanting more can move up to the ClubSport line. Check out our KW Coilover catalog featuring great products for the Porsche cars and more here – KW Suspension
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